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What Does "Designed Specifically to Help Smokers Switch" Mean?

It means that Red Dot Smoke electronic cigarettes are more than just another brand of e-Cigs. We took the latest in e-Cig technology and we improved upon it even further by looking at it from a cigarette smoker's perspective. These improvements help increase a smoker's chance of success by making it both physically and psychologically easier to accept.

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Ultra-Long Lasting Batteries First Solar Charging Case
Ultra-Long Lasting Flavor Cartridges 7 Awesome Flavors
Multiple Kits & Price Ranges 30 Day, Money Back, Guarantee
Multiple Charging Options Full 6 Month Warranty
Convenient Compact Design (about the size of a cigarette)  
Ultra-Long Lasting Disposable Cartridges
Ultra-Long Lasting Cartridges 7 Awesome Flavors Multiple Nicotine Options
No Odor No Tar No Ash No Flame No Bad Breath
Refillable Cartridges & Gourmet E-Liquids
Perfectly Aged Perfectly Steeped Highest Quality Ingredients Tons of Vapor

What Red Dot Offers That Cigarettes Can't

  • No tar
  • No ash or ash trays
  • No more smoker's breath or hands that smell
  • No more smelly clothes
  • No yellow smoker's teeth
  • Freedom to smoke virtually anywhere
  • A safer way to smoke (no flame)
  • Smoke without guilt
  • Much less expensive
  • 30 Day full guarantee
  • Higher smoke volume than a cigarette

Red Dot Smoke vs. Other e-Cig Brands

  • Standard battery lasts 30% longer
  • More natural balanced feel
  • More vapor output
  • Longer lasting flavor cartridges
  • Taste closest to a cigarette (Dry, non-sweet, tobacco flavor)
  • Vapor hit feels more like a cigarette
  • First green energy solar charging case
  • Portable charging case has a convenient LED flash light
  • More flavor cartridges per pack (6)
  • Multiple charging options (computer,wall plug,solar)
  • Convenient 2 piece design (no mess)
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  5 of 5  - Very Suprised!
By: Anonymous
Shipping was quick at standard rate. I quit smoking cigarettes a few weeks ago after 12 years of a pack+ a day. I started to quit with the Njoy King disposable e-cig. I really enjoyed the Njoy King disposables, but was burning a hole in my pocket with the high price and low battery. I Googled cheap electronic cigarette with long battery life and was brought here. I thought it would suck, but at such a low price it was worth a try. 1) Wow! Better than Njoy Kings and it has a much better pull. 2) I got the apple pie with my basic starter kit on a whim considering it came with one. I have tried the electronic hookah flavored e-ciggs and hated them, but wow this Apple pie flavor does the trick and is amazing. I also got a pack of the menthol and black clove. The black clove taste just like a clove cigarette and the menthol is spot on. 3) Overall I am extremely satisfied. The starter kit with a recharge is less than the price of 2 disposable Njoy's and I like them better. Almost too good to be true.

  5 of 5  - Just received my kit and AWESOME vapor!
By: Trey
I received my economy kit, and I have to say that I am REALLY impressed. I compared the vapor production to my old eGo and your mini puts out as much, if not more vapor!! I was amazed. It's DEFINATELY NOT a typical convenience store ecig.

  5 of 5  - Breathe In ... Breathe Out
By: Ditz Enchanted
I have been a pack-a-day solider for almost twenty years and have tried to quit a few times ... due to how expensive they have gotten or just to shake the overbearing coma of needing them. The embedded need to inhale and exhale ... no matter where you are. I have been using Red Dot for a month, now ... and even though I absolutely loooHove the Clove and Apple Pie, I find myself not wanting a cigarette break, every fifteen minutes. Red Dot is magic, without the fire.

  5 of 5  - Analog use cut in half in a week!
By: Dana
After one week, my "analog" use has been cut in half, without any attempt to gnaw my arm off, I'm happy to report. Moreover, I've reached a rather big milestone for me: Once I drop my Red Dot in the purse, I no longer look for my pack of cigarettes when I leave the house and get in the car. This was previously unthinkable as I did the usual inventory before leaving: keys, water bottle, cigarettes. This is the first time in about 30 years that I have not been buying 2 packs of cigarettes every single day. You'll be happy to know I'm already spending my savings on my first love......plants. :)

  5 of 5  - This is Awesome
By: Susan P
Let me tell you a story that could have never happened with a regular cigarette....I was driving home from work and I had to rub my neck for some reason and I dropped my Red Dot down the back of my shirt....well I left it there until I got home put another one together and was good to go until I got home you know what would have happened if that had been a regular cigarette....I have been cigarette free since I got this system,I tell everyone about this more smell,burnt hair, smoke in your eyes, and my husband can breath better...and the cost is more affordable than regular cigarettes, I just can't say enough about this wonderful product, I have tried others not as good, the flavors are awesome....Thank You Red Dot Smoke

  5 of 5  - Simply The Best PCC Kit You Can Get :)
By: William Prater
This deluxe starter kit has the most advanced P.C.C. (Portable Charging Case) on the electronic cigarette market to date, because it has a built in solar panel on its backside giving you the option of letting it charge in the direct light which is pretty awesome, where else you gonna find options like that, something I failed to mention in my video portion of the review is that the P.C.C. also has a built in LED flashlight on the bottom side of it so thats a bonus, the design is a very nice clean cut brillant luxarious design, with easy to operate functionality you can't beat it. I would definitely recommend anyone thats switching up from analogs (Regular Cigarettes) to go and get yourself some Red Dot Smoke products today.

Watch my full video review here: Watch the Video >

  5 of 5  - Pleasantly surprised
By: Anonymous
I have had some health issues that require me to stop smoking. A friend of mine turned me on to you guys. I bought the economy kit a couple of weeks ago with the tobacco flavor and I am amazed. The tobacco flavor was EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Great non sweet flavor, great hit and great smoke. I've tried a couple of disposables from other companies in the past and wasn't impressed. These are impressive. Great Job! BTW: I came back to get solar pack.


Electronic Cigarette Articles

45% Of smokers who used e-cigarettes were able to quit tobacco smoking within two months!

In an effort to study the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit, a group of doctors supplied 349 patients with electronic cigarettes over a period of eight weeks.

The study's outcome revealed:

  • 6% Of smokers quit within two weeks.
  • 45% Of smokers quit within 8 weeks.
  • 52% Reported increased levels of energy and improvements in physical appearance.

All participating doctors agreed that e-cigarettes are a significantly more healthy alternative to conventional smoking and that electronic cigarettes could help to overcome the physical and psychological challenges of quitting smoking.


Do Electronic Cigarettes Damage The Heart?

Smoking is the most preventable risk factor for cardiac and lung disease and is expected to cause 1 billion deaths during the 21st century. Electronic cigarettes have been marketed in recent years as a safer habit for smokers, with several millions of people already using them worldwide.

Electronic cigarettes simulate the effect of smoking by producing an inhaled vapor. The device consists of a battery, a cartridge containing liquid and a heating element which gets warm and evaporates the liquid. Laboratory analyses of the liquids show that they are less toxic than regular cigarettes. Most studies have found no nitrosamines, but even in studies where nitrosamines were found, the levels detected were 500-1400 times less than the amount present in one tobacco cigarette. This means that electronic cigarettes must be used daily for 4-12 months to get the amount of nitrosamines present in a single tobacco cigarette.


WARNING: This product is intended for use by persons 18 or older, and not by children, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product. This product is sold purely for recreational purposes - it is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such. You must be over the legal age in your state to buy or use this product.

18+ Only | CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 - Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.